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Best SMS Marketing Platform where you promote businesss it self.

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Best Packages for SMS Marketing in Pakistan

Buy SMS Package and Promote Business itself


Price: 250

Free Mask: 0

Total Message: 250

Each Message Price: 1.00

Duration: 7 days

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Price: 2500

Free Mask: 0

Total Message: 2777

Each Message Price: 0.90

Duration: 1 Month

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Price: 5000

Free Mask: 0

Total Message: 6250

Each Message Price: 0.80

Duration: 2 Month

Purchase Plan


Price: 10000

Free Mask: 0

Total Message: 14285

Each Message Price: 0.70

Duration: 3 Month

Purchase Plan


Price: 15000

Free Mask: 1

Total Message: 23076

Each Message Price: 0.65

Duration: 6 Months

Purchase Plan


Price: 20000

Free Mask: 2

Total Message: 33333

Each Message Price: 0.60

Duration: 7 Months

Purchase Plan


Price: 30000

Free Mask: 3

Total Message: 60000

Each Message Price: 0.50

Duration: 8 Months

Purchase Plan


Price: 50000

Free Mask: 4

Total Message: 125000

Each Message Price: 0.40

Duration: 12 Months

Purchase Plan

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